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Are you looking to build a sustainable future for your website? Partner with us. We have a proven track record of achieving your ultimate goal … more conversions!
Powerful SEO Campaign for your Business

Increase the amount of organic traffic that converts on your website.

Marketing Logic 360 is a Ft Lauderdale based SEO Company that helps local businesses get the right visibility on all major search engines by improving keyword count and ranking through content creation and other SEO strategies.

The main focus of our SEO is to provide web crawlers the right signals to help search engines better understand your website´s content and display it in a relevant way to qualified web traffic interested in your business offer.

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Keyword Intent – Search Funnel

We go to great length to understanding keyword intent. This means understanding what people are looking to find with their queries. Are they starting to get ideas about your service? Are they starting to compare companies or are they ready to buy?

Understanding keyword intent makes the difference between quantity versus quality traffic on your website.

Month to Month, we consistently work to optimize the website according to Google’s requirements in order to improve your rankings in search results and boost your organic real-time traffic on your website.

SEO Gives Permanent and Ongoing Value

Our SEO strategy will generate a more cost-effective solution for delivering commercial intent traffic to your website.

Once you site starts ranking on specific keywords, unlike paid advertising, your organic traffic does not disappear if you decide to stop paying for our services. But you run the risk of taking a hit, loss in rank, when Google makes updates on its algorithm.

SEO Packages
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Our Senior Media Advisers hold all online accreditation and proven track record to help you identify missed opportunities by analyzing your strongest online competitor´s keyword strategies

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