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Continuing with our WordPress installation, having everything set up with our hosting. Now what needs to be done is to execute the installation of the WordPress package from our URL domain. In my case that is

The first thing we will see when accessing our URL is the following screen, we must choose our language of preference for the installation of WordPress and then we must click Continue.

Installing WordPress Part 2

The following interface step of the installation of WordPress will require the following details:

Installing WordPress Part 2 img 2
  1. Database name
  2. Database username
  3. Database password
  4. Database host
  5. Table prefix (This is only if you want to execute more than one WordPress in one data base)

The data on the data base has already been created on the previous post, in the data base creation step.

In the hosting section, mine is always localhost, if yours is any other consult your internet provider.

Now that we have created all our data, fill in the information that the following interface requires for the manual installation of WordPress. Then click Submit.

Installing WordPress Part 2

If all of the data you entered is correct, you will receive a message that indicates that all is going well.

Installing WordPress Part 2

Now you can execute the installation of WordPress. You will need to enter the following Site Title data and administrative data of the website administrator into the interface.

Installing WordPress Part 2 img 5

Having the installation of WordPress been completed, we are ready to begin using the CMS WordPress.

Installing WordPress Part 2 img 6

Now every time you wish to access WordPress’s Dashboard you can do it through the URL of your domain

Installing WordPress Part 2 img 7

Done! From now on within the administration panel on WordPress, you can begin designing your webpage.

Installing WordPress Part 2 img 8
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