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Over 80 million people all over the world have joined the Instagram family, and this number is expected to grow exponentially. What is it that most businesses want as a whole? Brand awareness and recognition. It is important to understand the potential growth your business can achieve through online marketing with the help of Instagram’s social media platform. By integrating your organization to the 80 million user interface, your business becomes available to a vast network of users, and your brand increases in popularity.

It is known that a business rarely can place itself before a client that may need their services immediately, which is why the end goal of all marketing strategies is to either remind the consumer that they need a product or to give a client a destination to their need if ever it is needed. For example, if you are walking by, and happen to see a car battery brand on a billboard, more likely than not you will not need the battery at that precise moment, but if your car’s battery drains in 2 weeks, and you go to the auto shop to replace it and see that battery brand that was displayed on that billboard a few weeks ago, you will probably feel more comfortable choosing that brand over all the others because that one, in particular, will feel a bit more familiar to you.

Instagram is a vital tool for your marketing strategy because it is integrating popular trends to the way its users interact with one another, those trends being micro-moments. Instagram’s instant interaction platform allows its users to engage a lot with very little time investment. Also, because everyone loves to take pictures, this is a great way for your business to jump on the wagon and relate to the interests of their possible clients. After all of the characteristics mentioned that make Instagram for your business a great strategy, probably the most important one is how the platform is designed for its users to find other users with the same interests, and that is a great feature to businesses that want to place themselves before possible clients or relevant audiences. Instagram for businesses is not a must for your online marketing efforts, but if not taken advantage of, it will surely be a loss to your company.

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