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  1. Download WordPress from the official webpage. (
  2. Upload the .zip file to the hosting carpet. (public_html)
  3. Extract the content of the located carpet.
  4. Create a data base from CPanel, MySQL Databases.
  5. Create a user for the data base.
  6. Link and grant all user privileges to the data base created.
  7. Execute the installation from your domain URL.

The Process

Step one: 1. Download WordPress from the official webpage. (

Step 1 WordPress Installation

Step 2: Upload the .zip file downloaded from the official hosting page of WordPress.

Step 2 Installing WordPress

Step 3:  Having the .zip file been uploaded, refresh the containing folder /home/respaldo/public_html/test1 to be able to access the contents. Select and click “Extract”.

Step 3 WordPress Installation

Step 4: The next step to follow is to create the data base for the installation of WordPress. To do so, access your hosting Cpanel, then MySQL Databases, Create New Database.

Step 4 WordPress Installation

Step 5: In the same interface, below, you are required to create a username that will have the privileges to use the data base and at the same time you will need to generate a secure password (alphanumeric).

Step 5 WordPress Installation

Step 6: Proceed to assign the necessary permits for the user created in order for this user to consult, write and execute other tasks on the data base. Click on the option Add User To Database.

Step 6 WordPress Installation

Once you click the Add button an interface will open and you must select ALL PRIVILEGES and then click on Make Changes.

Step 6 - 2 WordPress Installation

Up until this point we have configured and prepared our WordPress installation for the last two steps that are the execution of the same through our URL of the domain, and the last step that was to verify that everything works properly.

In the continuation of this blog we will go over how to execute our installation from our domain URL and to verify that all runs well. I will also go over how to install a theme on WordPress to initiate a web project.

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