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Facebook Reaction Emojis
Facebook Reaction Like

For the longest, people have always wanted more than just a . Now we have five more to choose from and Facebook reactions affect post rank. Posts that attract a reaction will move up in the News Feed.

“Over the past year we’ve found that if people leave a reaction on a post, it is an even stronger signal that they’d want to see that type of post than if they left a Like on the post,” according to Facebook. “So we are updating News Feed to weigh reactions a little more than Likes when taking into account how relevant the story is to each person.”

More Than a Like

Facebook reactions show deeper engagement than just likes. This is the reason that Facebook is giving them higher rankings. A “like” is still the default interaction on posts, reason being is that it takes longer to place a reaction on a post. Hovering or a long press indicate stronger emotions from the person interacting with the post. This is why Facebook’s algorithm places them higher on the News Feed.

Only on Facebook Ads will reactions count the same as likes. This has no special impact on how the ads are placed or their ranking.

Facebook Insights reflect all of the interactions of the posts. There you will be able to see likes, loves, sads, etc. That is how you can measure how and which types of posts are affecting your ranking.

Facebook Reaction Thankful

Special Treats

Facebook reactions also offer “treats” every once in a while. Last year Facebook came out with reactions for special occasions like holidays. Halloween had a witch as “haha”, a pumpkin for “angry”, a Frankenstein for “sad” and a ghost for “wow”. The 50th anniversary of Star Trek even had their own. The Vulcan salute was “love”, Kirk “haha”, Spock “wow”, Geordi “sad” and a Klingon “angry”.

Star Trek Facebook Reactions

The reaction emojis have now have been out for a little over a year now. There has been over 300 billion reactions in this short time period. The number one reaction: (heart emoji). It also accounted for over half of the uses of reactions.

Facebook Reaction Love

Mexico, Chile and Suriname were the top 3 countries to use the emojis. The US came in 8th place. The emojis were released for global use in February 2016 and have been a hit ever since.

The release of Facebook reactions has given us all a way to express the feelings that we desire. They give everyone a quick and easy way to express your emotions. It is unique and cool how Facebook reactions are affecting how we communicate through Facebook now with the new reaction emojis.

Facebook Reactions Global Release
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